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All Fur Love Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping animals in need through rescue, vet care, adoption, low-cost spay/neuter programs and TNR (trap, neuter, return). We also strive to educate the public in order to promote a more humane society.


We are just like you; caring and compassionate and wanting to make a difference in the lives of animals. When we each lie down to sleep at night, regardless of setbacks we may have experienced that day, if we know we’ve saved a life, that was a good day. Come join us on our journey to create a sanctuary where all animals can be cared for, adopted, loved, and most importantly, live.

Why we are different

All Fur Love Animal Rescue (AFL) offers a unique combination of policies, practices and services that are geared toward one goal: saving animals. To that end, we offer the following:


    • We are a true no-kill rescue, which means that only if an animal is facing a certain and painful death will we humanely euthanize it. We NEVER kill animals for overcrowding, behavioral issues or non-life-threatening injuries or disfigurements, such as blindness, missing limbs, etc. Some other shelters and rescues claim to be no-kill if their “save rate” is above 90 percent, meaning one out of every 10 of their animals are killed. Such a rate is totally unacceptable at AFL, and we can proudly say our save rate is well above 99 percent.


    • We provide an“animal concierge” adoption experience, which begins from the moment you see an animal or animals on our website or in our adoption center that you may wish to take home. A friendly and knowledgable volunteer will offer to assist and answer any questions, ask you to fill out an application, then introduce you to your potential pets. After you decide which animal(s) you’d like to adopt, your application is forwarded to our board for final review and approval, a process that takes just a day or so, after which you will receive a phone call from us to arrange a date and time of your choosing for us to deliver your new pet(s) directly to your residence, thus saving you a return trip. Now, that’s service! And smiles are free and plentiful!


    • We have an unlimited, lifetime return policy. In the sad and unlikely event you would need to return an animal to us, we will cheerfully take it back, regardless of how long you have had it. Whether it’s been 10 days or 10 years, we will accept the animal with open heart, free of charge. While other shelters and rescues charge up to $50 if you return an animal, we never do. 


As you can see, at AFL our commitment and dedication begins at rescue and does not end even when an animal gets adopted. Our love and caring extends above and beyond. We love animals and the awesome people who adopt them, and it shows. 

Come and meet our kitties!

Seeing our cute and cuddly kittens and cats on our website is a great first step to giving them a good and loving home. The next step is to actually see, touch, pet, and cuddle them for yourself.

For your convenience, we can arrange a personal "meet-and-greet" at a place and time of your choosing. 

Click on More...Contact Us for more info or to volunteer.


           Wish List



Royal Canin Babycat Ultra Soft Mousse canned food 

Royal Canin Babycat Dry Food

Royal Canin Kitten Loaf in Sauce canned food

Royal Canin Kitten Thin Slices in Gravy canned food

Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food

Purina Kitten Chow in the YELLOW BAG

Fancy Feast Kitten canned food, POULTRY FLAVORS



Royal Canin Spayed/Neutered Thin Slices in Gravy

Royal Canin Adult Instinctive canned food

Purina Beyond Simply White Meat Chicken & Whole Oat Recipe Dry Cat Food

Purina Cat Chow Complete in the BLUE BAG

Friskies canned food, POULTRY FLAVORS

Fancy Feast canned food, POULTRY FLAVORS

Catnip toys, interactive toys, cardboard cat scratchers


Also: All Natural Cleaners like Method, Green Works or Evo

Paper Towels 


Gift Cards to Petsmart, Petco, Home Depot and Lowes


Clean fleece blankets, pillowcases, twin sheets, towels of all sizes


Items can be mailed to 330 Mounts Corner Dr., #530, Freehold, NJ 07728.

Text us at 732-915-8072 for a local drop-off location

Success Stories!
Just $30 feeds a cat for a month!
For less than half the price of a cup of coffee, you can feed a cat for a month and take a special pride when the cat is adopted, knowing that YOU made that happen!


To Sponsor a Cat or Kitten!
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